Questions to ask yourself before renovating your basement

renovating your basement

It’s important to love your home! And basement is an essential part of it. Why? Home is where we spend most of our quality time with our families. If you don’t love the main aspects of your home, whether it be the location, size, layout or …basement, then maybe the right option for you would be to sell! Buy and fall in love with something that fits to your needs. Then, you would not spend your time wanting to make changes, you could rather rather spend it appreciating and really living in your home.

Renovation is all about fine tuning what you already have to better suit your family’s needs and wants. Your home, and of course your basement, needs to have the right foundations for a renovation, so that it really reflects what you want to achieve.

Your basement can be converted to anything you want. From guest room with attached washroom and bath, children’s play-structure or… a media room. Ambient light is often reduced under the house. Thus the area tends to be cooler than the upper floors of the house reducing the need for air conditioning in the hot summer months.

Hence we’ve put together some important questions that we regularly ask clients to help ensure that a basement renovation is something they really want to undertake.

Basement remodeling

Basement Remodeling. Plumbing:

What purpose you intend to use the space for will determine if plumbing is necessary. If you decide on a bedroom with an attached bathroom or a washing machine, then of course a plumbing setup will be necessary. renovating your basement

Basement remodeling. Electrical:

An older home’s electrical system is dated and will need to be brought up to code. Don’t stint on this expense because safety first should be your priority for family or anyone else using the space.

Basement remodeling. Building consent:

Basement remodeling consent depends on the type of renovation you are considering. Typically this takes 4 weeks to go through council plus the time taken to prepare the documentation. So allow for this in planning your start date. renovating your basement basement development

Can you afford it?

basement development

We understand that when you’re planning to build your dream basement it’s an exhilarating experience and it’s easy to let the costs get away from you. Quite often people start with a modest idea and budget and get caught up in the design whirlwind. However, end up committing every last dollar they have before the project even starts.

Our belief is to only sell our product to those who can comfortably afford it. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to have between 10% to 20% of the renovating your basement projects value in reserve funds. In some cases there can be unforeseen costs like electrical or footing blow outs. The main reason to not over spend is to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding for you and your family.

Does this sound like you? Then go ahead with your basement development.

If you said to yourself “that’s how I feel” to any of the above, basement remodeling may not be for you. BUT If you:

  • you love the main aspects of your home. Just want to redesign your basement.
  • your basement can be remodeled to suit your needs, exactly as you want it
  • you’re confident you have 10% to 20% of the build in reserve for a rainy day

If you’ve said yes to the above…then renovating your basement could be a perfect fit for you. One of the most rewarding experiences in life is building a beautiful home that suits your family. basement development

Basements are frequently underutilized spaces, and doing a basement conversion can turn an underused cold and damp space into an attractive and functional addition to your home, adding resale value when the time comes to put your home on the market. basement development

We can bring your dreams to reality. Contact us today!