Basement development, basement remodeling, finish basement.

Basement development, basement remodeling, finish basement, Basement Renovations Toronto.

We has extensive knowledge and experience creating functional and efficient basements. Whether you’re planning a basement renovation or a interior house renovation, Toronto House Renovation Group can provide you with the expertise you need!

Basement development, basement remodeling, finish basement, Basement Renovations Toronto.

Toronto Basement Development – Finish basement

With the rising costs of housing, it’s important to make the most you possibly can out of your home. Of all the areas in your house, the basement is certainly the most underestimated and neglected. If your basement is unfinished, the largest room in your house is surrounded by damp walls and floors, filled with humid air, and is a dark, ugly space that you’ve given up on as anything but storage. And even as storage, you’re forced to use special storage containers to protect your items from mold that thrives in cold, damp air.Toronto Basement Development

Total Finish Basement can resolve the negative affects of unfinished basements and add value and usable space to your home. Contact your local dealer to schedule a free estimate, and discover all the ways you can transform your basement!


Basement remodeling Toronto

Once you’ve decided you want to have your Finish basement renovated, it’s time to narrow down your vision. Are you hoping to create a space for entertaining purposes? Perhaps you want to add another bedroom. No matter your idea, the team at Toronto House Renovation can walk you through every step. As you plan your renovations, consider these options for your new basement:

  • All new framing, drywall, and insulation
  • Redesign and layout of existing room structure
  • Complete new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems
  • New flooring firstly, secondly, thirdly

Here are just a few ways you can transform your unfinished basement into a beautiful new space.

Basement development, basement remodeling, finish basement, Basement Renovations Toronto.

Additional Family Room

Bring the comfort and family-centric feeling of a family room to the basement. Our team can redesign the floor plan to fit the look and feel you’re imagining.

Home Gym

Have you been wanting to add a gym to your home, but can’t figure out where to put it? The basement boasts the perfect location for a fitness room. moreover

Home Movie Theater

If you have enough space in your basement, you can turn it into the perfect spot for a complete home entertainment system. Moreover with the installation of surround-sound stereo systems and full-sized projection screens, your basement will soon be the most exciting part of your home. hence, therefore, however

Spare Bedroom or Master Suite

Whether you’re hoping to add a guest bedroom or transform your basement into a beautiful master suite, the team at Design Build Remodeling Group can help create the bedroom of your dreams. Opt for a new bedroom layout, add a bathroom complete with all the proper plumbing systems, and enjoy this new space.

Toronto Basement Development

Add-Ons for Your Basement  Remodeled


Basement development, basement remodeling, finish basement, Basement Renovations Toronto.

There are many designs that can make your basement feel like an integral part of the home, if not the highlight. Consider the following finishing touches for your newly renovated space:

  • Column sleeves and crown moldings. If your basement has support beams, they can be decorated with custom trim to match and complement the look of the rest of the space
  • Finished staircases and doors. By adding finished doors and staircases to your basement, you can give visitors a great first impression of your newly renovated area with high quality materials and unique designs.
  • Basement window designs. Choose sleek design elements and high-quality window materials to imrove the appearance of your basement even more.

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With a dedication to superior customer satisfaction coupled with excellent craftsmanship, Toronto Basement Development  can craft your existing basement into the functional space you’ve always dreamed of. Therefore we offer complete services for busy homeowners who want just one source for all of their remodeling needs. There is no easier all-in-one solution for your home improvement needs than a design/build firm.

Basement Renovations Toronto  Toronto Basement Development finish basementBasement remodeling