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Kitchen renovation and kitchen remodeling

Toronto House Renovation Group is for Kitchen Renovations. Moreover it’s Trornto’s first kitchen renovation company. Whether you need a space saving solution to make the most of a smaller kitchen, or a luxury kitchen with all the latest appliances and additions. Toronto House Renovation Group – Kitchen Renovation Toronto will work with you to turn your ideas into a reality. Our great team have the experience and knowledge to give advice about the latest kitchen trends. We certainly can help you make the right decisions to achieve your dream renovation.


Toronto House Renovation Group

Toronto Kitchen Renovation is what we do


Quality is our life. House Renovation Group  is located in Toronto and our product is made locally. We provide high quality kitchen renovation and home improvement products at competitive prices, and guarantee 100 % customer satisfaction. So why you should choose us?


Toronto kitchen renovation

  • Quality kitchen renovation
    First of all, we use only good quality materials and hardware, and we guarantee their durability.
  • Service kitchen remodeling
    Secondly, our team completes fit-out projects efficiently and on time. Moreover we work closely with you to find the right solutions that make your space work better and look better.
  • Canadian Made
    At last, we do all design, construction and installation work in Toronto. Therefore, our trusted local contractors are handling it  with a great care.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Our experienced team of designers will listen to your wants and needs, to create a kitchen that works the way you do. Our kitchens truly are quality product at an affordable price.


Kitchen Renovation – Client Timeline

Our full-time installers will install your kitchen into your home with the upmost care and attention to detail. Toronto kitchen renovation

The usual sequence of work is as follows:

  1. Kitchen design, selection of materials, finishes, hardware, appliances, sink, taps etc.
  2. Measurement check. Torontokitchen renovation
  3. Disconnection of services and removal existing cabinetry, appliances and fittings
  4. Relocation of windows and walls (if necessary)
  5. Installation of basic plumbing and electrics. kitchen remodeling
  6. Installation of flooring (depending upon whether the floor runs under cabinetry or not). Timber floors are best to be polished AFTER the installation of the kitchen.This is done to avoid scratching during installation.
  7. Clear ample space for cabinets before delivery. This will provide sufficient room for the installer to work in the kitchen.
  8.  Delivery & Installation of renovation
  9. Countertops (stone countertops might be two weeks later depending on the time of year and how busy the stone masons are. Stone countertops require templates to be produced. This is done only when the kitchen is installed. The manufacture of the countertops may be 5 – 15 days (depending on the time of year).
  10. Additional cabinetry installation. (Whenever installation is required to be done directly on top of stone countertops).
  11. Installation of appliances and lighting. kitchen remodeling

Don’t forget – whether you’re building or renovating, Toronto House will create top-quality joinery that fits your style, space and price level. It’s both the big things and the little things that add up to quality kitchen you love. Call us today to get a quote!