Whether to stay or not during home renovation

Some people have the opportunity to move out of the house while works are being carried out. They may rent somewhere or stay at their relatives. But for a majority of us it is not an option. People choose to live in their house during home renovations. Largely, it is the scope of works and clients budgets that determine if there is an option to stay.

Renovations are never quick projects and can go on for months. So how do you cope with the dust, noise and mess without losing your mind?

Well, the most important thing to do is to choose a professional home renovation company in Toronto with the relevant experience to do the job while minimizing disruptions to your lifestyle. Communications and setting expectations are the key. renovating a house Toronto

Then, to make life even more manageable during the renovations, follow these simple and practical tips:

Establish a timeline home renovations Toronto

Before the building contract is signed, Building Manager will have met with you and assessed time lines to be included in the contract home renovations Torontodocumentation, as well as the practicality of living in your home during construction.

Closer to the commencement of works you will have a proper understanding of the sequencing of events. Sometimes clients have to move out for a short time. In case of plumbing services need to be switched off, or a new bathroom is commissioned. renovating a house Toronto

Work closely and communicate with your supervisor to ensure you know what’s happening when.

Create work zones

Safety is a big concern during a renovation, especially if there are young children in the house. Make sure that all work areas are cordoned off to prevent little ones from running into areas where they shouldn’t and accidents occurring. Prior to commencement of works there will be a site induction. This is  when your supervisor will run through the safety aspects of living through a renovation. home renovations Toronto

Contain the dust renovating a house Toronto

The question that comes up time and again is how to control the dust that is par for the course during renovations. It’s impossible to eliminate dust altogether. However, you can take steps to prevent your home being buried under thick layers of it. Ask your extension builders to tarp off sections that will be renovated to mitigate this problem. renovating a house Toronto

renovating a house TorontoSurviving through kitchen renovation

If the existing kitchen area is to be demolished, temporary kitchen facilities may be required. The barbecue can get a good workout during a renovation. In addition you need to ensure you have other kitchen utilities like the kettle, toaster and microwave. renovating a house Toronto

You also need to consider where you will wash dishes and cutlery. renovating a house Toronto

Remove anything of value

If you have anything that is of sentimental or financial value, it is best that they be removed entirely from site and stored securely. Don’t leave it to chance. home renovations Toronto

Toronto House Renovations has been renovating Toronto homes for many years, which means we understand what it takes for people to live through these major projects. We’ll do our best to make it as comfortable and less annoying as possible. Contact us today for any further information.