Bathroom renovations. All that you need to know before you start it.

Bathroom renovations

Bathrooms are often one of the most important and expensive areas of the house to renovate and add value to your home. bathroom renovations

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your forever home, increase your rental return on an investment property or even top up the value of a property before you sell, then you’ll probably be considering a bathroom renovation.

However, before the fun of choosing tiles, bathtubs and vanities comes a long list of decisions and hard work.

Should I hire a renovation company for my bathroom renovations?

It might seem like the most affordable solution when you begin the renovation process. However, if you’re new to renovating, doing it yourself can actually end up costing you a lot more. Speak to professional builders, architects or renovators before you start lifting tiles. Hiring licensed tradespeople is also important when it comes to plumbing and electrical work which can be easily damaged.

Bathroom renovationsPlaning

Think about how you will use the space you have and what you need to change or fix to get the most out of your bathroom. Remember, the bathroom is used on a daily basis so consider its functionality carefully.


Windows are the easiest way to achieve ventilation in the bathroom. However not all bathrooms have a window or the space for one. Ventilation fans are necessary to dry excess condensation and moisture from the room to prevent the growth of mold.


Proper waterproofing prevents the growth of mold and damage caused by water. Ensure your bathroom is waterproof with an expert opinion.

Storagerenovating a bathroom

It’s often something you think about when renovating the kitchen and the garage, but it’s also important to consider where you’re going to store all of your toiletries. Vanities are an easy fix but shower shelving is sometimes overlooked.

Warm up the floors and heat lights

If you’re over walking on cold tiles every time you need to go to the loo in winter, then underfloor heating is for you. It is easily installed underneath tiles during bathroom renovations.

Heat lights are also a great way to warm up after a shower in winter. BE sure to use them as needed as leaving them on all day will increase your energy bill.


Bathroom renovations are definitely not an overnight job and the time from start to completion can take between 2-8 weeks.

Attempting to fast track work is very risky and can lead to expensive and even more time consuming re-work, so it’s important to have a complete plan of your renovation timeline, what’s needed, and contingencies when things go wrong.

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